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Q. How do I apply for membership?

A. You can download the application form on the CMATA website or fill in the paper application form in the colleges / schools authorized by CMATA.

Q. I have just sent my Membership Application. How long will it take to process?

A. Upon receiving your application, it takes up to 5 working days to make the assessment, providing you have included all the details on the checklist.

Q. Can I become a member of CMATA with my overseas qualifications?

A. You will first need to have your overseas certificate/diploma translated into English or French by a certified translator. We will assess your qualifications against the CMATA standard level. Once equivalent level is affirmed, you may directly apply for the membership.

Q. I am a Student Member of CMATA. May I upgrade my membership after I finish my massage courses in school?

A. To upgrade from Student Member to Professional Member, you must fulfill all the requirements for the Professional Member. CMATA will assess your qualification based on your educational and practicing level.

Q. Does CMATA provide members with any public referrals?

A. Yes. CMATA quarterly forwards the name list of the active Professional Members to the insurance companies for receipt validation. The information of Professional and Associate Members can also be searched on the CMATA website.

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