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CMATA is a  professional society that advocates and represents licensed acupressure massage therapists.  CMATA aims to increase public awareness, help its members build successful practices, and expand the body of rehabilitation research.

The Benefits of Membership

  •  Professional Credibility

CMATA works with all the members to build the professional awareness. The massage receipt authorized by CMATA is recognized by most insurance companies across Canada. These insurance companies are willing to reimburse the clients full or partial amount of the receipt, depending on their individual policy.

  • Continuing Education

CMATA encourages members to pursue career-long trainings to maintain and improve professional competence. Onsite lectures, workshops, and seminars are offered to members by specialists.

  • Product Resource

A variety of massage products and accessories are available for CMATA members. It is easily to find their daily massage articles with great quality and satisfying prices.

  • Service Community

CMATA is a community for members to communicate information of massage business. For posting ads of job-hunting, hiring and business sales, do not hesitate to contact us with advertisements. It is a free service for all active members.

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